VR & AR Shaping the Future

V.R and A.R and Virtual reality and Augmented reality is not just paving the way to the future but it is the future, Augmented reality (AR) adds digital elements to a live view often by using the camera on a smartphone. and Virtual reality (V.R) implies a complete immersion experience that shuts out the physical world. To the layman it might just look like a novelty act in gaming and entertainment but its reach goes far beyond that, V.R is an unparalleled experience with a lot of uses in some of the most significant and multipurpose sectors. lets us look at some of these significant functions

Shaping the Future


Students with the help of V.R/A.R can now fully immerse them themselves and their educational activities, they can interact and look at objects they normally would not have accesses to, they can take V.R tours to cities, visit museums and other historical places, which otherwise they cant go to or be too expensive for them in real life, they can take safari/jungle tours and get up close with animals that in real life could be potentially dangerous or not native to their country or area. The uses are endless and we have only started to play with the concept of V.R in education, with the bottom line being that the students can now actively take part and have genuine interest thanks to of V.R and because of that actually learn while having fun at school.


In the healthcare service V.R/A.R has become an essential tool for the training of new generation of doctors and all types of medical personal.

It is a cost effective way to: help, train and teach all types of medical students and personal to diagnose the medical situation, also to help patients with their rehabilitation for example physiotherapy and even in-home fitness programs, showing them proper posture and guiding them along.

Shaping the Future
Shaping the Future


V.R is helping Architects designs architectural marvel that previously they could not achieve because they were limited to designing with pen and paper in 2D but now with a free environment to move in a create 2D/3D models with A.R/V.R.

They can create all types of models even experiment with models because it has now become so much more cost efficient with V.R, also it helps those same architects to explain their whole layout and concept to the client better. Gone are the days of those conventional hand drawn 2D drawings or those crudely made 3D model


With V.R you can have a Catwalk Runway show in your living room, chill back on your couch with a glass of wine and enjoy the show.

Now you can Pick, choose and Try, even have a personalized fittings with A.R/V.R, custom make A 3D avatar of yourself and try on cloths before you buy them, you can even try different clothing/style you otherwise would not be comfortable doing at a regular mall shop. A shopping experience like no other from the comfort of your own home.

Shaping the Future
Shaping the Future


LAN parties, online gaming and multiplayer games like (Call of Duty and Fornite) have been a gaming tradition for a long time What happens when you introduce V.R/A.R into the gaming and E-sport world? A Paradigm Shift ! V.R gaming has given a whole new meaning to FPS (First Person Shooter) games.

Imagine yourself being teleported inside the world of C.O.D or Fornite, where you are actually shooting at an enemy with a physical gun in your hand, running through actual environments in game and in real life. you don't have to look very far for those examples, games like CricVRX where you can play V.R live cricket in a real-life/real-feel world stadium environment and another game Last Day On Tower, where you shoot through a multilevel tower with a real feel gun in your hand and you where you the player walks in real life and in game


Some of the most bravest men and women on earth are in the Military and the use of V.R technology in the military is ushering in a new way of how we train our soldiers.

A.R/V.R provide soldiers in training with real life like situations in the form of simulators for example, shooting training, combat training, Air Combat and/or flight training, naval training, medical training, training for different sorts of emergencies. the V.R/A.R eliminates the life risk factor and again is a very useful and essential tool for training military personal

Shaping the Future