VR an all Inclusive Experience, Anyone, Anywhere at any Time

Jane Mcgonigal, the famous game designer, once said that video games have the ability to make the world a better place. However, the potential impact of vSport is even more far-reaching. It combines the all-inclusiveness of games and virtual reality with the unifying ability of sports. It alleviates the effect of space, time, age or weather.


Imagine a Grandfather wanting to play foot ball with his Grandson but can because his frail old body that doesn't allow it and the Grandson being disappointed, not yet mature enough as to why they cant play.
Or imagine an old married couple in their late years, that can't travel because of the constraints of their senile bodies.
Or handicapped person, a person confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, can't take part in any physical sport/activity.
Or a young boy in Uganda, a third world poor country, wants to know how if feels like to play football he see's on t.v sometimes but can't.
Or you live in the northern parts of the world where the temperature is freezing, always beneath subzero to play out door sports.
Or a father and son that live in different continents and just want to spend time together.

Now with the help of V.R and putting on a V,R headset can live out those dreams from the comfort of their living room Now both grandfather and grandson can play catch, the old married couple can take a tour of Venice canals, that boy in Uganda can know how it feels like to play football in a stadium, that handicapped person can play tennis and that father and son that lived oceans away can wear V.R headsets and play can play catch with his son and stay connected.

The development of VR and e-Sports is being revolutionized and in that revolution Pakistan is playing a Big Game, yes you read that correctly PAKISTAN. A country's name you might not expect to hear or even believe even if you do read or here but yes Pakistan is in the forefront of making and delivering quality e-Sport and VR experiences and this is where CricVRX comes into play, it is a VR cricket game totally developed by a Pakistani App company

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