VR Issues, Struggles & Fixes

When the concept of V.R first arrived people were captivated, enthralled, spellbinding. they thought the concept was gripping, mesmerizing, absorbing, fascinating, and thought that the experience was thrilling, irresistible and even addictive.

Think about a V.R classroom where students can visualize and be fully immersed in the concepts being taught to them. V.R can be a great escape for those who want to escape their jaded and mundane lives, even just for a little bit, not just be a spectator like how we watch tv and movies but to become actual players in the game, explore new worlds essentially create their version of paradise and then visit it in V.R. The possibilities of it and its uses are virtual -pun intended- endless and the experience of being fully immersed in the V.R world are unimaginable to how lifelike and real they can be and have been The major tech players are betting big on VR and its potential to change the world.

VR Issues

Now here lies the problem V.r has great potential but only potential till the time we make quality content for the user.

Buying a VR headset for example and oculus- NVIDIA GTX costs 970 $ dollars, just the basics . and till the time we don't give the users proper quality and numerous quantity of content, we are not going to be seeing V.R widespread any time soon.

There are many reasons for the lack of availability of quality content. Emulating reality and immersing someone inexperience is no easy feat. Making a virtual environment as beautiful and lively as the physical world requires realistic graphics and highly interactive elements. The resolution of the video display must be high enough, with realistic lighting and shadows to give the illusion of reality.

Non-visual aspects like audio, haptics, and tracking are also critical to delivering a realistic experience. although we are making advancements and taking the right steps to provide better content again It takes a lot of time and effort to make convincing virtual environments

The VR landscape has been rapidly changing and herein lies the fix, each day new advances are being made in the field of VR, a prime example being CricVRX a VR cricket game made in Pakistan. if advances like this continue we will be Dawn in a new era of V.R in every household very soon

VR Issues